My writing got published on SunStar Weekend last Sunday. It was amusing but also very embarrassing. Do you know how it is with actors who can’t stand watching themselves on screen? How looking at themselves through the eyes of an audience makes them cringe and squirm with discomfort? …

Favorite long reads that do not (cannot) make it to my yearly reading goal but sustain my need for good stories that punch you in the gut.

Augustus John’s The Blue Pool. 1911

Sometimes, I start writing only to find out one paragraph in that I have nothing to say. It is weirdly frustrating. I’ve been…

This is a piece I read during Storyteller’s night on Oct 30, 2015.

Barrio Ungo

When you live in Naga, a town south of Cebu City, as I did during some of my most important years, ghosts and mythical beasts are present not just on Halloween but all year round. Naga, for…


I love language, tech, and stories. Fighting the good UX fight!

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